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So you go to the dental office with a broken tooth and it looks pretty bad.  You find out the worst  has happened and the tooth can not be saved and must be extracted.  What do you do?

The best solutiuon to replace a single missing tooth is a dental implant.  An implant is surgically placed into the bone where your tooth once was.  After some healing time, a crown is attached to the implant.

With an implant, we do not utilize any of the adjacent teeth as anchors, such as we do when making a bridge (where we place crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth).  Also, implants do not get cavities!  Their long term survival rate is very high and are expected to last nearly a lifetime.

Here we see a patient who unfortunatly lost
a front tooth.  The metal object you see in the
photo is the healing cap.  It is placed to allow
the gums to heal around the implant.

Here is a photo of the above patient with the
final crown in place.  You would be hard
pressed to tell he had an implant when he smiles!

This photo shows the top of the implant with the
 healing cap removed.  There is a hole in the
center of the implant where we attach the final crown.

This is a molar crown which will be place
on an implant.  You can see the screw
protruding from the base of the crown which
attaches to the implant.

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