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Below is some of the technology we utilize to provide you with the healthiest mouth possible!


Spectra Cavity Detection Camera - The Spectra Cavity Detection Camera helps us to detect changes in the tooth structure at a very early stage.  Cavities in teeth often form in the deeper pits on top of the teeth and they can be hard to find until they are larger in size.  The Spectra Camera shines a special wavelength of light into the pits and provides us with a visual and numerical reading which we record.  Depending on the value of the reading, we may observe the pit for further changes in the future or decide to clean out the small cavity and repair the tooth with a resin filling.  By finding the cavity at earlier stages, we can significantly reduce the amount of damage to the tooth from the cavity!

Soft Tissue Laser - We utilize the Zap Soft Tissue Diode Laser in our office for minor gum surgeries including frenectomies, gingivectomies, benign lesion excision, and cancer sores.  If you have ever had a canker sore, you know how sore they can be.  With the laser, we can treat the surface of the sore without anesthetic and desensitize the sore and allow for faster healing!  The treatment takes about 5 minutes to complete.  Other minor gum surgeries are also relatively quick with minimal discomfort afterwards when compared to surgeries with a scalpal. 

Pro-Select - For patients with periodontal disease or patients who usually have a lot of calculus build up between visits, we now use the Pro-Select piezo ultrasonic scaler.  This scaler is able to remove the majority of build up more easily and comfortably for the patient.  We can also irrigate the deeper pockets with medicine to increase patient comfort and decrease healing time after more complicated cleanings.

Digital Radiographs - Digital radiographs allow our team to capture radiographs of your teeth with less radiation exposure and better quality than previous film based radiographs.  Our next step in digital radiographs will be the addition of a Panorex which can capture an image of your entire jaw.  A Panorex radiograph is recommended every 3-5 years to screen for pathology in the jaw and related structures.

3M True Definition Scanner - With our 3M True Definition Scanner, we can digitally scan your teeth instead of taking messy impressions!

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