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Your first appointment

Not every patient presents to our office with the same dental needs. Therefore, we utilize your first appointment to introduce you to our office and learn everything we can about your overall health and specific dental needs. We will take any necessary radiographs and perform a thorough head, neck and mouth exam.

Please do not expect to have your teeth cleaned at this appointment unless your dental needs are minimal and you are in good overall dental health. Please allow about an hour and a half for your first appointment.

Have more questions ?

We are asked many questions everyday by our family of patients. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

Which tooth paste should I use?

When you enter the tooth paste aisle at the grocery store, you are quickly overwhelmed by the choices available. We recommend any tooth paste which has been approved by the American Dental Association. However we would highly recommend Crest ProHealth or Colgate Total. If you have sensitive teeth, then Sensodyne is a great one to try.

What age should I bring in my children?

While we are happy to see kids of any age, we usually recommend that you bring in your children between 2 and 3 years of age. We ask that you bring your child with you at your cleaning appointment and have them observe.

We offer to count their teeth and if they are cooperative, we may even have them jump up in the chair or sit in your lap for a quick exam. At their next appointment we will allow more time to perform a cleaning and a more thorough exam. If your child is apprehensive, then we take it slowly, not wanting to give them a fear of the dentist. We are also happy to see your child at an earlier age if you have a particular concern.

Important information

Below you can download all the documentations and forms fo fill out before your visit to save some time in the dental office.

New Patient Form


Appointment Policy


Patient Records/X-ray Request Form


Financial Policy


Adult Health History Update



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